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"Thank you for being such great landlords. It really has been a refreshing change having a landlord that really looks after their tenants and properties. I know Alice really enjoyed her time in the house and appreciated the fact that things were always sorted asap. "
Parent of Alice, 47 Kensington Terrace, July 2023
"Carol and Steve were my landlords for three of my university years and have been exceptional landlords. Any issues are very quickly resolved and the houses are well furnished and very homely. The houses are safe and secure and you feel comfortable leaving the house over the holiday periods as Steve is often around. Can’t recommend Lingard Bell enough!"
Grace, 43 Kensington Terrace and 19 Pearson Terrace, July 2023
Carol and Steve really are the best landlords - always so easily reachable, nothing is ever a problem, and if there are any issues they are resolved so quickly with no stress or hassle. The houses are also really good quality and furnished to a high standard - they feel homely and Steve would come round to make improvements.
Megan, 19 Pearson Terrace, June 2023
I just wanted to say thank you for being great landlords. The house is lovely and you always sorted everything as soon as possible without issue.
James, 21 Pearson Terrace, June 2023
Thank you so much for being amazing landlords!  We really appreciated having good landlords as we know they are so hard to come by.  And thank you for returning my deposit so fast!
Natasha, 50 Brudenell Road, July 2022
This was the perfect home for our final year of studies. With the added pressure of working from home all year, it was really important to have a house that felt like a home! Steve and Carol are both extremely attentive and are lovely to deal with and approach. Would definitely recommend Lingard Bell.
Melanie,Jaskaran,Oceane and James, 48 Brudenell Road, July 2021
Hi Carol, I’d just like to thank you and Steve for everything- you’ve been great landlords and I’m very grateful to you both. Living in such a lovely house has greatly impacted my uni experience, especially this year while we’ve been studying from home.
Ciara, 46 Brudenell Road, July 2021
Thank you for a lovely two years in the flat - we couldn't have asked for better landlords.
Sophie and Nikolai, 43B Kensington Terrace, June 2021
“As a family I would whole heartedly recommend Lingard Bell to any family seeking student accommodation in the Leeds area. Very experienced, highly approachable. The most significant quality is their professionalism. As a parent that gave me huge reassurance that any concern would be dealt with fairly and efficiently, especially living so far away”
Parents of Niamh, 46 Welton Mount, May 2020
“Myself and all the girls couldn’t have wished for a better landlord. Thank you so much for a wonderful year – my favourite house out of all my 4 years!!
Tonicha, 50 Brudenell Road, July 2018
“Carol and Steve are the best landlords with the best houses in the best location, so good that we stayed in the same house 2 years running. Houses are well maintained and often have lovely garden spaces. Any problem at all is resolved quickly and efficiently by email or text and Steve is available in person when required”.
Lois, 39 Kensington Terrace, July 2018
“Hi Carol and Steve Just wanted to say, we have had the most wonderful final year in Leeds and having great landlords and a lovely house has massively contributed to that, so thank you very much!.”
Kiran, 50 Brudenell Road, June 2018
“Lingard Bell properties are the epitome of a home away from home. From the very first viewing of their properties, both Carol and Steve were welcoming, friendly and helpful. Whenever we had a problem in our house (no matter how big or small), Steve was around to help within half an hour. Carol and Steve are the best kind of landlords you could hope for; they really take care with both their properties and their tenants. I cannot wait to return to one of your properties for final year! Thank you for a great year!”
Olivia, 23a Pearson Grove, July 2017
“Hi Carol, I’d just like to say thank you so much for such a lovely house to spend my final year in, and thank you to you and Steve for being such considerate and helpful landlords! I’ll be sure to recommend you.”
Mirella, 2 Kelsall Road, June 2017
“Could not recommend Lingard Bell enough, we had a brilliant year & were so well looked after, Steve and Carol provide a service, not just a house and we loved living in our house even more so because of it. Didn´t want to move out! Thank you so much”
Nathalie, 39 Kensington Terrace, August 2016
Hi Carol I would like to thank you and Steve very much for this year. You have both been so helpful and attentive, I couldn’t have asked for a better landlord or a better house. ”
Lucy, 48 Brudenell Road, July 2016
“Hi Steve and Carol A huge thank you to you both for being great landlords. We couldn’t have asked for more help when moving in or out and it was a pleasure living in 23A.”
Oliver, 23a Pearson Grove, July 2016
“We were lucky enough to sign with Lingard Bell in 2nd year and they were absolutely fantastic, due to leaving it too late in 3rd year we had to sign with a different landlord and that made us realise how brilliant Steve was. We decided to return to Lingard Bell for last year and it was the best decision we made. Steve gets to know you personally so you’re not just another name on the letting agreement. Whenever we had a problem, he would more often than not be round within to day to sort it. The houses are redecorated every year so they don’t look run down, they are extremely fair with deposit returns and I cannot recommend them enough.”
William, 84 Harold Terrace, June 2016
“Hi Carol, I just wanted to say a big thank-you to you and Steve. As a parent, you hear all sorts of horror stories about student accommodation but thankfully that isn’t the case when renting from yourselves, the standard of the house was high and you looked after them all exceptionally well – no problems from start to finish!”
Parent of Robyn, 39 Kensington Terrace, June 2016
“Lingard Bell have truly been the perfect landlords. I had Steve as my landlord in my 2nd year and I didn’t even contemplate changing landlords for my 3rd year. Steve and Carol are extremely attentive and efficient and Steve will always come round in an instant if we ever have a problem. The team is very friendly and honest, 2 qualities which are really important in a landlord. I would recommend Lingard Bell to all students as the service they offer is outstanding.”
Emily, 47 Kensington Terrace, June 2015
“Good morning Carol, I’d like to say a huge thank you to both you and Steve for being such fantastic landlords over the past few years, you were truly amazing and I would highly recommend you to anyone.”
Harriet, 47 Kensington Terrace, June 2015
“Dear Steve and Carol : Thank you so much for being such lovely, friendly landlords – I’ve loved living at Harold Terrace and will miss my room so much!!”
Rosie, 84 Harold Terrace, June 2014
“Dear Steve and Carol : It’s not often people get praise for doing a good job but my daughter said she was comfortable and felt safe in the property. As a parent you always worry but this put our minds at rest.”
Parent of Laura, 41 Kensington Terrace, June 2014
“Dear Steve and Carol : I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for being such brilliant landlords over the past two years. It is clear that you really care about your tenants which is reflected in your great reputation! I always tell anyone looking for houses about you!”
Nicola, 2 Kelsall Road, March 2014
“Dear Steve and Carol, thank you so much for all you’ve done over the last few years. I am sad to be leaving 44 Brudenell Road as it really had started to feel like home. Thanks once again; I couldn’t have wished for a better landlord. All the best.”
Liz, 44 Brudenell Road, June 2014
“Dear Steve and Carol : Thank for so much for being such an efficient landlord to us 4 for the past year. We really appreciate everything you have done for us and we have loved living at 47 Kensington Terrace for our final year.”
Georgia, Meg, Izzy and Kat, 47 Kensington Terrace, June 2014
“Dear Steve and Carol : I wanted to thank you both for keeping an eye out for the girls and in particular my daughter Grace during their stay at your house and for maintaining it so well for them.”
Parent of Grace, 45 Kensington Terrace, June 2014